Why Start your International Study in Ireland?

There are many benefits to starting your international studies in Ireland. By choosing to study your Foundation Year or Pre-Masters programme at DIFC, you are choosing a guaranteed pathway to study at leading Universities in the UK and Ireland.

  • Save 40% of Your Total Study Costs
  • Guaranteed Pathway to Leading UK Universities
  • Lower IELTS Grade Required for Visas for Ireland*
  • Choose to Continue Studies in either the UK or Ireland


Student Visas for Ireland

The visa rules for international students differ in each country. Some nationalities such as Malaysian students don’t require a student visa and other nationalities such as Nigerian, don’t require an IELTS certificate to obtain a visa.

At present, there are proposals in the UK currently being reviewed to increase the level of English required by international students coming to the UK to 5.5 IELTS overall. In comparison, you can obtain a student visa for Ireland with 4.0 IELTS when you are attending our Pre-Foundation Course for 6 months prior to commencing our Foundation or Graduate Diploma programmes.

On completion of your studies with DIFC, we can assist with applying for a UK study visa via the UK embassy in Dublin, so you can progress with your University studies in one of our UK partners.

Save up to 40% on the cost of your study by choosing Ireland

Choosing the start your international studies in Ireland can save you a lot of money – not only on your course fees, which are generally 20-30% cheaper, but also the cost of student living in Ireland, compared to the UK, is substantially less. Below is a table of the estimated costs of studying in Ireland compared to London. It is also worth noting that the cost of student living in London is slightly higher than the costs associated with studying in other regional UK cities.

Fees and living costs in Dublin are around 35-40% less than in London
Dublin, Ireland London, UK
Foundation Course Fees €12,600 €18,600
Living Costs (9 months) €9,000 €18,500
Total for the year €21,600 €37,100


University Placement options in the UK and Ireland

By completing your International Foundation Year or Graduate Diploma Programme in Ireland, you are expanding your future study options to both the UK and Ireland. In the last 6 years, over 30% of our students have progressed on to study in our UK university partners. You can view a summary of our placements over the past 6 years here.