DIFC Brochure 2014-58
“I really enjoyed my studies at DIFC. The class I was in had students from many different nationalities and I really liked their method of teaching which included presentations and assignments which counted as part of my exam results. I am now in my second year studying medicine in RCSI.”

Azibanigha Azi – Nigeria

IFY Science (Medicine)
RCSI, Dublin
“I was very happy in my studies at DIFC. I found all their staff very friendly and helpful. DIFC were recommended to me by a friend. I am now in my second year studying medicine in RCSI Dublin.”

Khalid Ahmad Abdullatif – United Arab Emirates

IFY Science (Medicine)
RCSI, Dublin
DIFC Brochure 2014-47
DIFC Brochure 2014-56
“When I came to Ireland I found the Irish people very friendly which helped me to settle in. I studied the Graduate Diploma Programme at DIFC and found it very helpful. In particular we had to prepare a 5000 word dissertation. I am
now studying a Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain at the University of Salford in the UK”

Jianchun Zhao (Bill) – China

Graduate Diploma
University of Salford

“What a fun time I have had here!  The staff are amazing, so willing to provide assistance and very dedicated to the students.  I am already preparing my baby sister to come here.  I wouldn’t let her do her IFY anywhere else.” IFY Engineering Student from Kenya

“My time in DIFC has been filled with nothing but support and dedication towards my success towards further education.  I’ve had only good memories during my time here and know they will stay with me forever.”  IFY Science Student from Nigeria

“DIFC is a good place to learn not only in terms of the staff but also in terms of the material to study.  It helped me to understand the way of research which is really hard to know without a good teacher.  DIFC has a very good library and I spent time here to study and research”.  Graduate Diploma Student from Saudi Arabia